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What Happens If You Leave The Scene Of A DWI Crash?

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If you get into a crash while you’re driving while intoxicated, fleeing the scene can be a natural reaction. Afterall, DWI is a very serious crime that can come with jail time and large fines. The truth is that fleeing the scene of a DWI crash can make things much worse for you. Here’s why: Hit and Run is a Separate Crime The first thing to understand is that hit and run is a separate crime. Read More»

Criminal Lawyers Can Help In Bar Fight Assault Cases When Girlfriend Defense Is Involved

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Bars should be a fun and exciting experience but can become problematic if a patron starts getting aggressive or handsy towards another person’s girlfriend. Fights in this situation are not uncommon and criminal assault cases by the initially handsy person may be troubling for a person just attempting to defend a loved one. Thankfully, a criminal lawyer can help. Girlfriend Defense Is a Legitimate Way to Avoid Assault Charges Going up against a criminal assault charge can be a very scary situation. Read More»