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4 Things To Know When You've Been Charged With A DUI

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Being charged with a DUI is something you always want to avoid. The consequences of being charged with a DUI can be severe, especially if it's not your first one. However, if you have been charged with a DUI, here are four things to know:

  1. You Can Fight It: Once you are charged with a DUI, don't think that there is no way you can fight it. It is possible to beat the charge, especially with a DUI attorney by your side. It's definitely possible that there were flaws in the way that you were charged with the DUI. For example, it's possible that the BAC reader has not had any maintenance in a while, in which case your DUI attorney can argue that the reading could've been flawed. 
  2. There are Major Consequences: The reason you want a DUI attorney by your side when fighting a DUI case is because the consequences can be severe, including jail time, hefty fines, and having a suspended license. If your attorney isn't able to fight the charge completely, they can at least help you receive a lesser penalty for the charge, such as a shorter amount of time in jail or a shorter amount of time having a suspended license. 
  3. Evidence Has to be Admissible in Court: In order for your attorney to submit any evidence to help your case, the judge has to approve it. In order for evidence to be approved, your attorney is going to have to file a motion within a certain timeframe before your trial. Your attorney is going to know what this time frame is and won't miss it. Without an attorney, there is a chance that you won't know how to file a motion for your evidence or when the right time to do this would be, which could lead in your failure to fight your case sufficiently in court. 
  4. A Jury Trail is Best: Finally, you should know that a jury trail is the best option for fighting your DUI charge. This is because 6 people must be convinced that you are guilty and if they are not unanimous in a guilty verdict, then you will be found not guilty. This makes getting a not guilty verdict much easier for your DUI attorney. 

When you know these four things about your DUI case, you can see why hiring a DUI attorney will help achieve the best outcome. You can also understand how the process will work, which is helpful when moving forward. 

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