If Your Name Is On A Sex Offender Registry, Is There Any Way To Get It Removed?

The Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) has become a nightmare for a lot of people convicted of crimes like indecent exposure for streaking or urinating in an alley after drinking a little too much. It has also trapped people who were required to register after an angry parent pressed statutory rape charges against their minor’s overage boyfriend or Read More

DUIs For Driving High: What You Should Know About Driving In A State That Allows Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is on the tipping point of approval in the U.S., now that 25 states and the District of Columbia allow some form of the drug. However, driving regulations are still very restrictive when it comes to marijuana use—which presents some serious problems for those using medical marijuana. It’s important to understand the potential problem you face if you Read More

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do After Getting Arrested

There are few events in life that are more stressful than getting arrested. The thought of spending significant time in jail is always in the back of your mind. However, being nervous and scared all the time can cause you to make mistakes that could hurt your case. Here are five things you should not do after getting arrested: Resisting Read More

What Is Driving While Buzzed?

You know that if you have had several drinks, you should call a cab or have a designated driver so that you aren’t driving drunk. However, if you have only had a couple of drinks, you may think that you can drive since you are only buzzed, or just have a happy glow, or whatever you may call it. Driving while Read More