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Charged With A Crime? Learn The Benefits Of Accepting A Plea Deal

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If you were charged with a crime that you know you are guilty of, and there is a lot of evidence against you, a local criminal defense attorney may urge you to accept a plea deal, sometimes also referred to as a plea bargain. A plea deal involves you pleading guilty to the crime you were charged with, or a similar but lesser crime, in exchange for a lighter or reduced sentence. Read More»

What To Do If The State Has A Slam-Dunk Criminal Case Against You?

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One of the scariest feelings is the sense that the government is bringing a slam-dunk criminal case against you. What should you do if you’re in this situation? A criminal defense lawyer will want a client to take these three steps. Evaluate Whether the Case Is Strong Cops and prosecutors always act with high confidence, even if their cases aren’t great. Do not let their disposition affect how you feel. Nothing is a slam-dunk case until it goes in front of a court, and lots of things can go wrong for the prosecution in front of a judge. Read More»

What Can An OWI Attorney Do For You?

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It is illegal to drive a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. People who are caught doing so can be charged with an OWI, which means “operating while intoxicated.” If you are arrested for a drug- or alcohol-based driving offense, you may be subject to jail time and additional penalties if you are convicted. An attorney who specializes in OWI cases can help you navigate your way through the criminal justice system to receive the most favorable outcome possible. Read More»

Complete Estate Plans: Consider These Documents

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More and more people are going beyond the minimum last will and testament by setting up a portfolio of estate documents meant to cover a wide variety of needs. To learn what a complete estate plan might look like from a document point of view, read on. Burial Instructions More and more people are taking the guesswork out of final arrangements and choosing their own plans. Making funeral and burial plans and then funding those plans will help ensure that your wishes are followed. Read More»