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Is It Wise To Present Evidence In A Criminal Defense?

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From an emotional standpoint, one of the hardest things for people facing criminal charges to do is to simply let the prosecution wear itself out making a case. There’s a strong temptation to push back by presenting evidence, but do you have to? Let’s look at how a criminal defense attorney will usually approach this question. The Simple Answer In the simplest sense, the answer is that you don’t have to present any evidence. Read More»

What Happens If You Leave The Scene Of A DWI Crash?

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If you get into a crash while you’re driving while intoxicated, fleeing the scene can be a natural reaction. Afterall, DWI is a very serious crime that can come with jail time and large fines. The truth is that fleeing the scene of a DWI crash can make things much worse for you. Here’s why: Hit and Run is a Separate Crime The first thing to understand is that hit and run is a separate crime. Read More»

Criminal Lawyers Can Help In Bar Fight Assault Cases When Girlfriend Defense Is Involved

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Bars should be a fun and exciting experience but can become problematic if a patron starts getting aggressive or handsy towards another person’s girlfriend. Fights in this situation are not uncommon and criminal assault cases by the initially handsy person may be troubling for a person just attempting to defend a loved one. Thankfully, a criminal lawyer can help. Girlfriend Defense Is a Legitimate Way to Avoid Assault Charges Going up against a criminal assault charge can be a very scary situation. Read More»