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Personal Injury Claim Vs. Criminal Lawsuits

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You can pursue a personal injury claim stemming from a criminal act, such as an assault. However, the personal injury case will be much different from the criminal case even though there may be some relationship between the two cases. The Major Differences Many differences exist between criminal and personal injury cases, but these are the ones that stand out. Instigator If someone commits a crime, then either the government or the victim of the crime can start criminal proceedings against the suspect. Read More»

Assaulted By A Coworker?

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Going to the workplace every day is necessary for most people, as it is how they are able to earn an income. One downfall that comes along with having a job is that getting along with coworkers isn’t something that always comes easily, as everyone has their own unique personality. In some cases, bullying takes place in the workplace, which sometimes even leads to violent acts being committed, such as assault. Read More»

Talk to a DUI Lawyer Before Pleading Guilty to a DUI Charge

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When you are charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it’s time to get serious about fighting your charges. You might be tempted to plead guilty to get your case over with quickly, but rarely does this move benefit you. The moment you plead guilty, this is the same as if a jury found you guilty of the crime. You are then convicted of driving under the influence and this is recorded on your permanent criminal record. Read More»