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Assaulted By A Coworker?

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Going to the workplace every day is necessary for most people, as it is how they are able to earn an income. One downfall that comes along with having a job is that getting along with coworkers isn't something that always comes easily, as everyone has their own unique personality. In some cases, bullying takes place in the workplace, which sometimes even leads to violent acts being committed, such as assault. Did you get attacked by a coworker and had to defend yourself, which led to you getting terminated by your employer? If so, this article will give you an idea of why hiring a personal injury attorney is a good idea if you are considering taking legal action.

Was Your Physical & Mental Health Affected?

A perk of getting assistance from a personal injury attorney is that he or she will be able to assess everything that can possibly be included in your lawsuit. For instance, you might think that physical injuries are the only thing that you can sue for, but you can also sue for mental health injuries. An attorney will basically ask you questions to determine if you were psychologically affected by the assault, such as developing a fear of working around other people. Do you feel as though you need counseling to help you overcome the aftermath of experiencing such a tragic incident? Gathering evidence to prove your physical and mental health injuries will be the main focus of the attorney.

Did You Ask Your Coworker to Pay Medical Expenses?

If you have already asked your coworker to pay for your medical expenses and were denied, an attorney will be very helpful. He or she will attempt to demand that the expenses are paid in the most cordial manner, such as by requesting a mediation session with your coworker. Mediation will also give the other party the opportunity to explain his or her side of the story and make a settlement offer if he or she chooses to do so. Evidence of your physical and mental health injuries will also be present to the other party during mediation. Keep in mind that if the other party does not agree to attend a mediation session, the case will need to be handled via the court system with a judge present.

How Did Your Employer React to the Incident?

It is possible that you can hold your employer partially responsible in your personal injury lawsuit as well. Did you complain about your coworker taunting and threatening you long before the assault took place? An attorney will let you know if your employer can be sued or not.

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