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Criminal Lawyers Can Help In Bar Fight Assault Cases When Girlfriend Defense Is Involved

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Bars should be a fun and exciting experience but can become problematic if a patron starts getting aggressive or handsy towards another person's girlfriend. Fights in this situation are not uncommon and criminal assault cases by the initially handsy person may be troubling for a person just attempting to defend a loved one. Thankfully, a criminal lawyer can help.

Girlfriend Defense Is a Legitimate Way to Avoid Assault Charges

Going up against a criminal assault charge can be a very scary situation. This reality is even worse for those who were attempting to defend someone and are now finding themselves getting brought into court. For example, they may have punched somebody in a bar fight because they grabbed their girlfriend and tried to pull her closer. However, it is possible to use that situation as a defense.

That's because criminal assault is mitigated if a person was attempting to defend another from perceived harm. In this bar fight scenario, the person who punched the other patron must have had a reasonable belief that real harm would come to their girlfriend if they did not attack the other person. Proving this type of case can be a very tough go for some if they don't talk to a defense attorney.

Finding a Defense Lawyer

Those facing an assault charge should talk to an criminal defense lawyer who has worked in self-defense cases. Make sure to talk to each lawyer about this situation to see if they have experience with similar cases. Bar fight defenses can often be tough because some legal experts may claim that the individual at the bar took on a certain assumption of risk by attending such an establishment.

However, if the criminal lawyer can use testimony from others — such as the fact that the plaintiff was aggressive towards the person's girlfriend or was verbally assaulting them and others — it may be possible to negate this claim. In a criminal case, it is important to have a lawyer who can prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the case created by the defense is reasonable in the minds of the jury.

Remember that the burden of proof in a criminal case lies heavily on the party pursuing criminal charges. If the defense can create a sense of doubt in the mind of the jurors, one that makes them feel uncertain about the events, it is possible that they can sway opinion their way.