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Four Tips For Winning Over Your DUI Judge In Court

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If you have been charged with a DUI, it is time to act fast and work with an attorney to try to lessen charges or get the case dismissed. If there is a chance that your charges might not lead to a conviction, it is well worth it to try. This includes making sure you impress the judge assigned to your court case. Here are four tips that might help win over your DUI judge at your upcoming court date.

1. Dress The Part

It is important that you look like a productive member of society when you enter the courtroom to face your DUI charges. You should aim for dressing conservatively and similar to what you would wear a job interview or a professional job. If you aren't sure if you have the right clothes picked out for court, your DUI attorney can run through with you what might be workable.

2. Take Steps To Show Remorse

If you and your attorney are hoping to plea down your charges. It is important that you clearly show that DUI charges were a one-time mistake that you are actively taking steps to amend. This might involve stopping your nightlife activities or posting anything on social media involving drinking. If you can sign on to attend alcohol rehab meetings or community service in lieu of a harsher sentence, that could be worth the effort.

3. Take Court Seriously

The best way to win over a judge is to show respect for the judicial process and their role in court. Show up on time or try to aim to even get to court early so that nothing can possibly make you late. Address the judge correctly as 'Your Honor'. Make sure conversations outside of the courtroom with family and your DUI attorney are professional and calm in case others overhear you.

4. Have Your Lawyer Do The Talking

While you might be addressed directly in court, it is best to let your DUI attorney do the heavy lifting for you. Your lawyer has been to court, dealt with DUI charges in the past, and knows what to say and what to expect. You don't want to misstep and inadvertently say something wrong or inappropriate in court out of nervousness or inexperience.

While your DUI attorney will be working to fight or lessen your DUI charges, your behavior and demeanor in court can speak volumes. Do what you can to impress the judge. If there is any leeway in your DUI case, make sure you can take advantage of this in court.