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What Is Driving While Buzzed?

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You know that if you have had several drinks, you should call a cab or have a designated driver so that you aren't driving drunk. However, if you have only had a couple of drinks, you may think that you can drive since you are only buzzed, or just have a happy glow, or whatever you may call it. Driving while buzzed can cause accidents and may cause you a lot of legal problems. 

Driving While Buzzed

In every state, a blood alcohol content of .08 is considered legally drunk. If your BAC is that high and you are pulled over or are in an accident, you can be immediately arrested and taken to jail. Driving while buzzed is classified as driving while your BAC is between .01 and .07. You aren't legally drunk; however, your reactions and judgment are still impaired and slowed. 

Defining Being Buzzed

The biggest problem with defining driving while buzzed is that it is very hard to pinpoint exactly what buzzed means. While people do say they are buzzed while they are drinking, it is a highly objective feeling. Some people will say that they are buzzed after one drink, while others will only consider themselves buzzed after they have had several drinks. Since you probably don't carry a breathalyzer around with you when you are out drinking with friends, you can't know what your BAC is. A good rule of thumb to tell if you may be buzzed is that you are starting to be more talkative than usual. You may also feel euphoric or have a general feeling of well-being. People who are buzzed generally aren't falling down drunk or slurring their speech, so it can be hard for you to judge if a friend is buzzed. 

Avoiding Driving While Buzzed

The easiest way to avoid driving while buzzed is to either have a designated driver who doesn't drink take everybody home or to call a taxi to do it. However, if you choose not to do that, your best option is to avoid drinking more than one drink an hour, make sure you eat something, and drink something other than alcohol in between the alcoholic drinks. You can also find apps that you can install on your smartphone that will tell you how much one drink will affect a person based on their weight. 

Driving while buzzed is as dangerous as driving while drunk is. If you have been drinking, you shouldn't get behind the wheel. If you're pulled over and charged with a DUI, contact a lawyer like Attorney John F Obrien for assistance.