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5 Things You Shouldn't Do After Getting Arrested

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There are few events in life that are more stressful than getting arrested. The thought of spending significant time in jail is always in the back of your mind. However, being nervous and scared all the time can cause you to make mistakes that could hurt your case. Here are five things you should not do after getting arrested:

Resisting Arrest

If you are innocent of a crime, getting handcuffed by the police can definitely be frustrating. However, resisting arrest, whether it is by talking back to the police or running away, can get you into even deeper trouble. It's best to accept that you are getting charged with a crime and go quietly.

Giving Information to the Police

After you have been taken to jail and booked, the police will likely want to speak to you about the crime you were charged with. They may tell you that they will go easier on you if you provide details about the crime and explain how you were involved. No matter how sincere the police seem, you should never speak to them without a lawyer. They may use the information you provide them against you in court.

Not Hiring an Experienced Criminal Attorney

It is crucial to hire an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible. A criminal attorney who has worked on similar cases can look for holes in your case and have a better chance at getting your charges reduced or dropped. He will also offer protection from the police and be there for emotional support. During your initial consultation with a criminal attorney, ask him about his background and how he plans to tackle your case. Do not hire an attorney unless you feel completely confident in his abilities.

Accepting the Prosecutor's First Deal

You want to get this case over with as quickly as possible and might be tempted to accept the prosecutor's first plea deal. However, a prosecutor's initial plea deal is rarely a good one. Be patient and give your criminal lawyer plenty of time to work out a better deal with the prosecuting attorney.

Getting arrested is hard enough. Making these common mistakes can make the situation that much tougher. If you ever have any questions about your case or just need someone to talk to, call your attorney. A good criminal attorney will always be there to support you through this difficult time.

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