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Working With A Lawyer To Defend You Against Drug Charges

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Being charged with a crime is bad, but being accused of a crime related to drugs is worse. Drug charges can carry a hefty penalty and, in some cases, federal charges. When you are charged with something this severe, it is best to find a lawyer that specializes in cases involving drugs.

Say No to the Public Defender

While the public defender may be okay to have with you at your bail hearing, they are not the right lawyer to have for a lengthy trial. Having a good lawyer that understands the drug laws will be a better benefit for you. They are not going to be cheap, but if you want someone with the skills to keep you out of jail, you need an experienced drug offense lawyer to be fighting for you. 

Tell Your Lawyer Everything 

Your lawyer needs to know the circumstances surrounding your arrest and charges. If you tell them the truth, they can raise a better defense, but if you lie to them and the truth comes out during the trial, you will make yourself and your lawyer look ridiculous. Not to mention that it could destroy any chance your lawyer had of getting the charges dropped. 

Stay Clean While on Bail

Staying away from drugs, the people that use them, and the people that deal with them while you are out on bail is critical to your case. If you get arrested a second time or while you are on bail, the judge is more than likely going to revoke your bail, and you will have to await trial in custody. You will also lose any credibility you might have with the jury when you get to trial. If any part of the defense is based on your testimony, it will be hard to convince the jury of your innocence if you are arrested again.

Follow Your Lawyer's Instruction

Because the lawyer has experience in drug cases, you need to listen to what they are telling you to do. The lawyer most likely knows the judge and the prosecutor well enough to know what is going to set them off or get you rearrested. If the lawyer tells you to stay home and stay away from your friends, do it. The lawyer is working for you, but if you mess up and go to jail, he will still go home to his family after work. It is crucial that you understand what you need to do and do it without argument.