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Assault Attorney: 3 Main Reasons Why Hiring One Is A Prudent Idea

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With assault charges, you don't want to take chances. Without an assault attorney representing you, assault charges can lead to a jail sentence and heavy fines. If convicted, the information may appear on your criminal record, which may affect your career options and future chances of renting a house or even traveling abroad. Additionally, assault convictions may result in restrictions on owning weapons.

Why Should You Hire an Attorney?

An assault attorney knows much about assault and battery laws and how they apply in the different jurisdictions where you were charged with assault. They will use their knowledge and experience to argue for lesser sentences or dropped assault charges depending on your specific assault case.

Here are the three main reasons why hiring an assault lawyer is a good idea:

Lawyers Are Familiar With Assault Statutes and Can Help You Understand Your Rights

An assault charge will land on the desk of a lawyer who is familiar with assault laws, procedures, defenses, penalties, and common assault myths. An assault attorney has years of experience in assault cases. They know how to argue assault charges and negotiate with other assault attorneys and prosecutors.

They also understand what assault evidence is admissible in court, assault penalties for various assault crimes, and whether or not you are likely to be successful at trial against assault charges. Most importantly, your assault attorney provides the support required by defendants who are stressed out about fighting assault charges.

A Lawyer Provides Much-Needed Assault Support

An assault attorney provides much-needed support for assault charge defendants. They are compassionate, understanding, and patient. They stay with assault defendants through the assault case process, explain things to the assault defendant in understandable terms, respond promptly to questions and calls, return messages quickly, and keep you informed about your assault case. More significantly, an assault attorney is not judgmental and does not judge or condemn assault defendants.

An Assault Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Assault Penalties

Contacting an assault attorney after your assault charge is filed can help you avoid an assault conviction. In other words, they know which assault evidence persuades a judge or jury to find someone not guilty of an assault crime. They also negotiate with the assault prosecutor to get the charges dismissed when possible. More importantly, the lawyer can try to get assault charges reduced so that there is no jail time, and you only have to do community service, attend anger management classes, or pay a fine.

The Bottom Line

If you have been charged with any form of assault or know someone who has, hiring an assault attorney is something that should be considered. At the assault attorney's office, they will review all the evidence in your assault charge. They will use this information to determine what options are available for you and then build a personalized defense that fits your situation.

For more info on assault charges, contact an assault attorney in your area.